Kilt Measuring Guide

Remember: Waist size of a kilt and trouser or pant is always different.

  1. Waist Size Measurement
  2. Hip Size Measurement
  3. Kilt Length Measurement

1-  Waist Size Measurement

You muse have a measuring tape to measure the Scottish kilts. Normally a kilt is fastened at the belly button, but it’s totally up to you where you want to fasten it. You must be stand erect and normal breath as it is necessary for accurate measurement.

2- Hip Size Measurement

We need the size of the widest part of the hip and it must be measured with the measuring tape

3- Measure the Length Size

The measuring tape should be measured at the start of your fastening point to the down where you want the bottom of the kilt. Normally the default Drop length 24″for male and 20″ for female. 

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