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Irish Kilt

Irish Kilt is very well-liked by the Irish community. Acrylic wool which is very easy to maintain is used to make traditional Irish national Tartan Kilts, it helps in easily removing stains and dirt from the kilts that you get from attending sports events or casual parties and not paying high dry-cleaning costs. This traditional tartan kilt fits any size; it has 3 adjustable leather straps for tightening the kilt and closing it and makes sure you look sharp and fashionable.

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The family Irish Tartan Kilt comes in an 8-yard length that can be customized effortlessly which will keep you feeling unique and comfortable. The kilts come in attractive and multiple color options that help individuals style it perfectly for any occasion and on any age group of men and women. There is also a 2.25 inches belt loop that helps with more styling opportunities. These are the best Irish kilt you will find at the best prices available anywhere, our goal is to provide our customers with the best kilts without putting a dent in their wallets.

Irish National Tartan

Irish Kilts are also available in different tartans, although nowhere near the size of the Scottish tartans. Many “Irish County” tartans were first organized and produced in 1996 by the House of Edgar, a Scottish business based in Perth. There are also several community tartans newly designed by Lochcarron of Scotland.

Other generic tartans include the Irish National, St Patrick’s, Tara, and some family “clan tartans” are functional with a few more being created at the moment.

However, two events where you will see the Kilt being worn, the first is the multiple pipe bands,

The expansive plurality of these wears tartan, specifically in the North. Whereas the military pipe bands wear almost singly the solid saffron-colored kilt.

And the other event is the Irish wedding, where the wearing of the kilt is evolving extremely popular, as it is indeed all over the world.

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Hybrid Kilts

Hybrid K-Kilt

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